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The Reason is that most of you don't know that you are submitting your CV/Resume to a screening process software called :

"Applicant Tracking System" used by recruiting agencies and company's websites to filter and knock out candidates that doesnt have the right format and keywords.

⛔️ Do not use the nicely designed templates & formats you buy online.They are not readable by the ATS. The software knocks them out.

▶︎Check below Video on how ATS functions.

💡What Differentiates Me 💡

My Keyword-Rich CVs have landed interviews to most if not all of my clients . Check Testimonials

♛ The Process is♛ :

➡️ I have to conduct wth you 1 on 1 working session(60-75minutes) to build you a CV strategy and highlight your Personal Branding towards the career you are looking for.

 ➡️ During the session, I ask you questions to unlock your value and potential.You definitely have value but you are not able to express it in writing and in the right keywords.

➡️ I need to understand your skills and measureable achievements and what are your career goals?

✅ Then I build your CV Strategy from SCRATCH again to show your VALUE PROPOSITION and UNIQUE SELLING POINTS telling recruiters why they should hire you and what value you will add to the organization.

➡️ Check more Testimonials on my LinkedIn Profile and Instagram (@cvwritinginbeirut) ⬅️

▶︎And see what my Clients Say◀︎



Robbi Mrad

Telecom Design Engineer- USA Sprint -Ericsson & Nokia Radio Access Network

The 1 on 1 working session that Nael conducted with me resulted in a CV strategy and Personal Branding convincing recruiters why they should hire me.

I advise everyone to use Nael's effective techniques and skills if you want to land an interview.

Nael has a rare combination of multinational experience among certified resume writers being an ex senior manager managing the GCC within top 500 fortune companies.


Head of Sales Operations-Dubai Multinational (confidential)

I would like to thank you for the great CV yu have worked out for me where I had a couple of interviews and guess what? I landed my job in no time in a multinational company in a senior post I was looking for.

Thanks again for the great service and great CV, best of luck with all your customers as well.


IT Director-KSA Multinational (confidential)

I would like to thank you for making me a powerful CV.It landed for me interviews in big companies such as Amazon AWS, Lenovo, Honeywell, Wipro, Cognizant .

Thanks Again for the professional work and personal interview coaching.


Osama Mowaki

SAP Sales Manager - KSA Business Development Manager

I am honored to deal with someone professional like Nael who have a very good experience in writing a professional CV reflecting your skills and experience by unlocking my strength in two pages CV without ignoring any valuable information about me.  

Also I got some valuable advice to do a professional interview.  

I am highly recommending Nael's service to benefit from his professionalism.

Pascale Saleh

Mechanical Engineer

I was one of Nael’s clients and I was extremely happy to see a professional CV that reflects who I am.

 It is really a Powerful and Top notch CV. I am now very confident to apply to my dream job.

Thank you Nael and thanks for your follow up service as well .

Mahmoud Abboud

Junior Accountant

Mr Nael is a great professional.He worked with integrity and helped me to build a Powerful CV that reflected my potential and landed me interviews. 

He is providing huge value for all professionals and graduates .


Johnny Awad

Project Manager

Nael is a motivated, forward-thinker and also intelligent career consultant who has a lot of knowledge in his field. 

His exceptional work flow, skills, ingenuity and comprehension helps you to achieve your dream job .

 It was my pleasure to meet him .

Soulayman Abdallah

Petroleum Engineering

I am very Thankful to Nael for this Optimized and Powerful CV that really speaks on behalf of me.

I am very happy that its landing me interviews.I recommend everyone to use Nael's rich content CV writing .

Nour Kalash

Nutritionest & Certified Dietitian

I want to thank Nael for his work.Such a proficient man and strong communicator.

Very efficient and committed to his work.


Abdullah AlSagha

Sales operations Manager - Head of Modern Trade- Unilever-KSA .

Nael has been a great professional not only in building a great CV that speaks on behalf of me but also coaching as an experienced professional that has a vast knowledge in the market having worked with top tier multinational companies.

I highly recommend Nael's services if you are seeking to have a powerful CV & LinkedIn profile and as a mentor who can coach you to show your best.

Saud Aggad

Senior Category Manager-Panda Retail Group- KSA.

 I would like to thank Nael for his professional work.

He built for me a powerful keyword CV that reflected who I am and customized to the career role am searching for.

I highly recommend Nael's services .


Managing Director-Multinational FMCG Company -GCC.

I was totally amazed with such impressive professionalism

I advise all C-Level and senior managers looking for Career Change to use Nael's Powerful Techniques .


Jamal. Bachir

Country Manager-Philip Morris-Kuwait.

I have never seen such a rich powerful keyword CV that reflects my value & power in writing .

I advise everyone to built his CV with Nael if he wants to land an interview and stand out Powerfully.

Tony Rayess

Business Owner-Rayes Trading & Services -Beirut.

Thank you Nael fo the amazing CV.

It showed all my achievements in a very professional manner and opened many new doors for me.

It boosted my confidence and set me ready for my next step.

Highy recommended for career change seekers and fresh graduates .

Mohammad Ladiki

Teller- Bank Misr Liban-Beirut.

Thank you Nael for this great career change CV.

I am very confident now for my next move.



Group Internal Audit Head Multinational (confidential

As a Senior Internal Audit Head in a multinational company,

I am very impressed with Mr.Nael Dandashi's services 

and his one-on-one approach which in my opinion 

is a huge advantage over other providers of such services.

His 1 on 1 approach involves 

CV strategy & branding, personal interview where skills & achievements are discussed in detail before moving to the next step of CV building.

Thank you Nael for your outstanding services.

Shareef Hijazi

Project Manager at Ghandour Construction

Nael combines two uniques qualities.He is a great listener and he has a wealth of market data experience.

He built me a Powerful Rich Keyword CV that speaks on behalf of me.

I highly recommend him to anyone whowant to get a job. 

Roger Abou Antoun

Head of Operations at Al Fayrouz Company Basra-Iraq

I would like to thank Nael for the great content and the format of the CV that reflects my value, experience, strength and achievements.

I advise everyone to build his CV with Nael.

It was a great experience and a pleasure to be one of his clients.


You CV will not even be seen by the recruiter if it is not ATS friendly with the right Keywords.You are being knocked out and thats why you are not getting any response.


Candidates ranked at the top are the ones who used the right keywords several times